Rayane Coach, a company getting ahead


Rayane Coach - an idea since a couple of years and founded in 2003 - is a dynamic entreprise aiming to conserve the high standards in reliability and service towards its customers.

We want the customer to experience our service towards them or our ponctuality as a helping hand, given in all due respect for the customer.

Rayane Coach has a clear goal : to offer the demanding customer a wide range of VIP services facilitating the transport of persons easier, more attractive and more efficient, in their leisure time as well as for business purposes or ceremonial occasions.

We always hope that a satisfied customer today will be a customer for tomorrow, due to our commitment and efficiency.

Rayane Coach Services was founded in 2003 by Mister Younes Mettioui.
He is untill today the manager of the company.

Additional informations

In orde to assure a impeccable service towards the demanding customers, we are following the following standards :

Timeliness and precision / High class and respect for the customer / Optimal quality of the services / Privileged realtions with te customer

The operational basis of Rayane Ca-oach is situated in Brussels (Belgium). Our activities though take us trough all of Europe and the Mediterranean World; more precisely at Paris; Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Charleroi, Anwerp. Rayane Coach has the ambition to make itself known as a top player in the world of services to travellers in Europe and the Mediterranean World ...

Rayane Coach Bruxelles - company seat : Avenue Princesse Elisabeth, 167 - 1030 Schaerbeeck-Bruxelles, Belgique
Phone: +32(0)2/241.46.65 - Fax: +32(0)2/241.46.66 - Gsm: +32(0)474/22.65.95 - E-mail: information@rayanecoach.com

We have currently no vacancies. but you can always send your application spontaneously... Send us your CV via e-mail at : information@rayanecoach.com

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